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4G Router Store

Take advantage of the new high speed 4G Mobile Broadband services available in the UK with our range of high speed 4G Routers. We offer a range of embedded 4G routers that you insert your 4G SIM card into the SIM card slot. The 4G Router will then provide wired and wireless LAN connectivity for your computers or other LAN devices.

These 4G Routers are often used for M2M applications to provide remote connectivity to devices using the 4G network. Applications for an M2M 4G Router inlcude CCTV, Energy monitoring and management (Solar and Wind) and Remote Media / Digital Signage.

4G routers are also ideal to provide high speed internet connectivity for temporary offices or locations where it is expensive and time consuming to install traditional wired broadband services. Many construction and house building companies are turning to 4G routers to provide 4G mobile broadband internet for their site offices.